1. Interior/Exterior Painting
    Interior/Exterior Painting
    From painting doors to garage floors we do it all! Whether you need one room or your entire home no project to big or small. We also paint commercially: apartments, condos, schools and restaurants. All painting services include prep work. Patch work, washing, power washing, ect. WE OFFER DISCOUNTED PAINT PRICES WHEN USING SHERWIN WILLIAMS!
  2. Drywall Repair
    Drywall Repair
    We offer drywall services for projects such as wall damage, water damaged, mold, Ceiling replacements, basement renovations and small room installations.
  3. Basement ceilings
    Basement ceilings
    Is your basement looking like a dungeon? Do you want to make your basement a livable space? Maybe you want a bar, lounge, or workout room. Consider painting your ceiling. Painting your ceiling black not only hides wires and pipes, it also give the room a contemporary look.
  4. Tile Restoration
    Tile Restoration
    Do you ever look at your bathroom and not like what you see? Is pink or tacky boarder tiles not your thing. Do you want to upgrade your look but don't want to spend the long dollar? Tile replacement can be expensive and messy. Lucky for you there is a much cheaper alternative, tile paint. Using the power of epoxy paints, you can transform your shower, giving you the look you desire!
  5. Staining/wood restoration
    Staining/wood restoration
    Services include: 1. Staining siding 2. deck staining 3. trim and door staining and varnishing 4.wood restoration
  6. Ceiling texturing
    Ceiling texturing
    Do you want to change the look of your room with something more than paint, consider texturing! Texturing is a great way to hide imperfections in older ceilings that would otherwise cost to much to replace. Texturing is also a time efficient alternative to ceiling replacement because it usually only take a day to complete.
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